Billerica, MA, August 2016: RIKON Power Tools announces the NEW 8” Wet Sharpener, Model #82-100.

RIKON Power Tools Inc., a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery, announces the launch of its New 8” Wet Sharpener which is ideal for putting a precision cutting edge on hand tools. This newly designed benchtop machine efficiently removes steel and sharpens tool edges without any overheating that can ruin blades, thanks to the slow turning abrasive wheel and water cooling action. A holding jig makes putting the right cutting angle on tools easy and consistent, every time. The companion leather strop wheel removes any burrs and puts the final razor sharp, honed edge on chisels, plane blades, turning & carving tools, knives, axes and more!

The NEW 8” Wet Sharpener has the following features:

MOTOR – 1/4 HP, 1.6 Amp, 120 Volts provides ample power for all sharpening and grinding jobs.
LOW SPEED – 115 RPM stone rotation allows efficient grinding and reduces metal heat buildup.
ABRASIVE WHEEL – 1-5/8” wide x 8” diameter 220 grit vitrified Al Ox abrasive wheel for superior metal cutting action.
DEEP WATER TROUGH – Coats the abrasive wheel during use to cool the steel being sharpened to prevent ‘bluing’.
LEATHER STROP WHEEL – 1-1/4” wide x 8” diameter leather rim wheel for putting the final honed edge on blades.
ADJUSTABLE TOOL REST – Large, adjustable metal rest holds jigs and gives great support during grinding.
DUAL ROTATION – Sharpener operates in forward or reverse rotation for best sharpening control of tools.
WATERPROOF SWITCH – All-in-one ON/OFF and FORWARD/REVERSE front switch gives great operating control.
CARRY HANDLE – Convenient, large top handle for moving the sharpener around the shop or work site.
RUGGED PLASTIC HOUSING – Designed to give extra stability and keep motor safe from moisture.
MOUNTING HOLES – Base has two holes for easy mounting to work benches or work stands.
ACCESSORIES – Includes an Angle Measuring Tool, Straight Edge Tool Holding Jig and Honing Compound.

MSRP: $249.99. Available now for distribution.

RIKON Power Tools is dedicated to designing and manufacturing woodworking machinery of the highest quality that enhances the woodworking experience. RIKON offers an extensive line of woodworking machinery and accessories for: sawing, cutting, drilling, sanding, jointing, grinding, sharpening and turning. RIKON has built its reputation on valuing its customers and their woodworking experience, as well as striving for excellent quality products at a reasonable price.

Full 2-year warranty. For more information on the products RIKON offers, please contact RIKON Power Tools at 877-884-5167 or at

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